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Mercury also meets with Pluto on January 18, again finding you connecting with powerful and insightful people—exciting ideas are shared, and maybe even a secret or two! Just watch out for some unexpected surprises—especially around finances, or drama in your social life—as the sun clashes with Uranus. You'd rather be smoking a joint alone in bed!

You are entering a napping phase, where the best you can do for your adoring fans is snap a few social media pics of you snuggling with your pets. Venus is the planet of beauty, and Neptune of fantasy, so be sure to slap a mystical filter on it. This is a very, very powerful eclipse for ditching a bad habit. Wellness and self-care issues come to the fore, and problems at work or issues with your schedule reach a breaking point where something has just got to change. Leo loves to be the center of attention, right? Yes, but, what Leo really wants is to be appreciated… a need we all have!

This eclipse asks whether you're appreciated at work, and if not, it may set things in motion so that this may change. Are you appreciating yourself by getting enough rest and engaging in healthy habits? Show yourself some love during this eclipse by introducing one healthy habit into your life that would be easy for you to implement, perhaps devoting five minutes during your daily commute to deep breathing.

In your love life, this eclipse may illuminate something for you which your partners may not be able to see for themselves: break the news gently! And, understand if they need more time alone to catch up on sleep, too. Unexpected news arrives as Mercury squares Uranus on January 23, and Mercury enters Aquarius on January 24, bringing a big boost to your already all-powerful psychic intuition. Action planet Mars connects with Jupiter on January 25, helping you acquire something fantastic in your finances or at work, and the sun meets Mercury on January 29, bringing important insight and information.

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Saturn connects with your ruling planet Neptune on January 31, creating a supportive energy within the communities you engage in—people are stepping up to the plate, and creativity is in the air, too. Virgo, be esteemed. You have gifts of the soul that are for yourself and others. Share them. Take pride in who you are. If you look deeply in those around you, you may see a little bit of yourself in everyone.

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Libra, you can accomplish what you set out to do today. Set your mind the rest will follow. Release the will to control outcomes and let go of regret if you miss an opportunity.

Things happen for a reason. Scorpio, you're never alone. Sometimes loneliness can tell you that you are, but when you remind yourself that there are others who feel the same way, you can see that you're in good company. Let there be peace in your heart if you feel troubled. You are not alone even if you do feel lonely. Sagittarius, do unto others as you would have them do to you.

Serve those you love and you may find the reward comes in how you feel, not how they reciprocate. Each season has it's lesson.

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Let go of unmet expectations. Capricorn, don't doubt yourself or the process. Sometimes in love you don't have to know all the answers. Love is a great mystery and so can be the way feelings develop in a relationship. A decision may be delayed at this time. Trust your intuition about what this really means.

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Aquarius, failure in love is another way of saying opportunity! A mistake or what you perceive to have been a slight in judgment is meant to be a lesson to learn and grow. Be patient. Divine timing is everything.

Pisces, don't feel envious of what someone has that you wish was yours. You may be gifted with something that fits you best sooner than you think. Trust that your life will guide you to the person you're meant to be with, as you develop into the person you're meant to be to attract them to you. Follow her on social media. Follow Us. Sign in.