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The use of antidepressant drugs causing side effect, therefore natural agents are used as alternative therapy. The objectives of this study are to determine the effect of strawberries in the murine experiments in increasing serotonin level as well as decreasing in the immobility time of mice on Forced Swimming Task FST. Forty-eight male outbreed of 4 weeks old mice strain Swiss Webster with average body weight of grams were divided into six groups of eight mice, as follows: Chronic Mild Stress CMS method were used as induction of stress consisted of seven different stressors and assigned randomly for 35 days.

Provision of treatment was made during the 14 days preparations on day 22 to day At the end of treatments, all mice were assigned on FST test for immobility time measurements. Next, all mice were decapitated and the brains were isolated. The results showed that the immobility time of group mice which were given by the strawberries Furthermore, the level of serotonin in the test group increased compared to CMS group.

Corticosterone levels of treatment mice were increased significantly compared to non-stressed mice. Therefore, it can be concluded that strawberries are able to improve depressive symptoms by decreasing immobility time and increasing levels of serotonin compared with CMS group. Coating effect of chitosan irradiation on performance of strawberries Fragaria x ananassa Duchesne.

Strawberry is a horticultural product which has high economic value, however, strawberries are easily damaged.

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Therefore, required proper post harvest handling for keep up the appearances of strawberries, one of them is the edible coating technique using chitosan. The purpose of this research was to maintaining the appearance of strawberry. Chitosan is irradiated at a dose of 0 kGy, 5 kGy, and 10 kGy, and then characterized. Observations were carried on for five days at room temperature including: The results showed that the performance of strawberries is coating with irradiated chitosan of 10 kGy is still good.

The percentage of weight loss strawberries coated with irradiated chitosan smaller than the strawberries without coating with chitosan control. Strawberries coated with irradiated chitosan has a shelf life and weight loss better than control. Kajian intensitas penaungan dan penjarangan buah terhadap hasil tanaman Arbei fragaria sp. It has an altitude of approximately m above sea level. This study has the objective of determining light intensity and fruit thinning which maximize strawberry yield of high quality.

A three replicate two factors experiment, laid out in a completely randomized design with repeated measurements were.

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The first factor was shading intensity consisting of three levels: The second factor was fruit thinning consisting of three levels: The result indicated that: Characteristics of growing media mixes and application for open-field production of strawberry Fragaria ananassa. Pathogen-free growing media are widely used for strawberry production in protected structures in Europe but not common in the United States. There is a need to investigate the feasibility of producing strawberry fruits in open fields with the pathogen-free media in the U. The objective of the stud Conservation of strawberries fragaria vesca l.

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Fresh strawberries were irradiated with gamma radiation. The optimum dose of irradiation, chemical, microbiological, and sensorial stability of treated product and the conservation time of product during its storage were determined. Conditioned and pocket in semipermeable polyethylene pocket samples were exposed to 1,0, 2,0, and 3. Samples-witness unirradiated were prepared with comparatives purpose. The physical-organoleptic, chemical-bromatologic and microbiological controls of products were carried out each 7 days.

The irradiated product did not suffer any important loss of its nutritional value; it increased its content of soluble solids and showed less tendency to humidity, organic acids and specially vitamin C diminution. The development of technologies such as vacuum impregnation VI, allows the consumer fruits to offer minimally processed, with high nutritional value and similar sensorial quality to the fresh product.

In this investigation the sensorial evaluation of strawberries and cape gooseberry fortified with vitamin E is presented in function of attributes like: The sensorial evaluation was carried out for each fruit by means of scalar descriptive tests of 9 blocks, where the control fresh fruit was positioned in the central part and the judges evaluated the grade of intensity of the attribute in comparison with the control. The process of VI improved the sensorial quality of the fruits recently impregnated in terms of flavor and global acceptance.

These samples were evaluated as juicier, sweeter and less acidic that the fresh samples. Full Text Available Dado que el agua es muy buen solvente, las aguas que se usan para riego contienen algunas sales disueltas. Es posible observar lesiones en plantas expuestas a niveles altos de salinidad. Los diversos niveles de EC se obtuvieron agregando el NaCl al suelo, progresivamente. Since water is a very good solvent, all irrigation waters contain some dissolved salts.

Salinity restricts the availability of water to plants by lowering the total water potential in the soil.

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Salinity also has an impact on crop physiology and yield. Visible injury can occur at high salinity levels. Five salt levels were compared 0, 20, 40, 60 and 80 mM NaCl which induced different electrical conductivity EC levels 2,68; 6,08; 8,24; 9,98 y 12,62 dS. The different EC levels were obtained by adding NaCl progressively to the soil. Fruit yield and quality were negatively influenced by the tested treatments. Sugar content in fruits was influenced by the treatments. Total soluble solids and tritrable acidity in fruits grew as EC levels grew.

While the accumulation of dry matter in the roots showed a proportional increase with the level of NaCl in the substrate, the fruits showed an opposite tendency. A multi location trial with five promising strawberry genotypes viz.

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Combined analysis of variance indicated significant variation among the genotypes as well as location for almost all the characters studied. Genotype environment studies indicated different response of genotypes over locations for most of the characters suggesting location wise environmental variation. Stability parameter revealed that a particular genotype did not perform consistently for all the characters. The genotype Festival considered as stable for most of the characters except days to flowering and ascorbic acid content of fruits, and considered as stable over different locations.

For this reason, the genotype. On the other hand, environmental indices indicated that the environment of Rajshahi was found to be most favourable for strawberry cultivation followed by that of Gazipur and Chittagong. Differential expression of photosynthesis-related genes in pentaploid interspecific hybrid and its decaploid of Fragaria spp. Polyploidization always induces a series of changes in genome, transcriptome and epigenetics, of which changes in gene expression are the immediate causes of genotype alterations of polyploid plants.

In our previous study on strawberry polyploidization, genes related to photosynthesis were found to undergo changes in gene expression and DNA methylation. Therefore, we chose 11 genes that were closely related to plant photosynthesis and analysed their expression during strawberry hybridization and chromosome doubling. Most genes of pentaploids showed expression levels between parents and were more similar to F.

Gene expression levels of decaploids were higher than those of pentaploids and F. Different types of photosynthesis-related genes responded differently to hybridization and chromosome doubling. Chloroplast genes and regulatory genes showed complex responses.

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Structural genes of the photosynthetic system were expressed at a constant level and displayed a clear dosage effect. The methylation levels of one CG site on SIGE, which regulates expression of chloroplast genes, were negatively correlated with gene expression. In pentaploids and decaploids, more transcripts were from F. The ratio of transcripts from from F. Cytomorphological and autoradiografical studies on the receptacle of the strawberry Fragaria grandiflora Eherh. Full Text Available The volume of the cortex and pith cells of strawberries from the cultivar Talizman gradually increased until ripening, especially in the cortex.

The volume of the nucleus also increased. The nuclei in the pith were smaller then in the cortex. The volume of the nucleolus increased significantly between days 1 and 5 after pollination, after which it remained unchanged. At the end of the growth period, the volume of the nucleolus in cortical and pith cells in the lower and central part of the fruit increased. Endomitotic polyploidization which was responsible for the growth of the fruit, occurred during the development of the receptacle.

The intensity of 3H actinomycin binding reached a maximum in the oldest stages. This is proof for the accumulation of active DNA during mitosis.

Saturation with this antibiotic occurred in the early stages of fruit development. No dependence between the volume of cells and the number of nuclei binding 3H actinomycin was observed.

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Effect of gamma-irradiation and refrigerated storage on mold growth and keeping quality of strawberry Fragaria sp cv 'Confitura'. Gamma-irradiation of fresh matured strawberries at 0.

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  8. Radiation dose of 2. Samples irradiated at 1. Effect of irradiation with black light fluorescent lamp on coloration and hardness of strawberry [ Fragaria ananassa] fruits. The effect of irradiation by black light fluorescent lamp on the coloration and hardness of detached strawberry fruits was studied.

    Only the coloring of fruits var.