Mata amritanandamayi horoscope

We tend to behave as if we are "persons" but in reality there is none at all. Given that, how should one reconcile Astrology with Philosophy? Astrology seems to be the events that are destined to occur to a "person" while philosophy per Sri Ramana says there is no "person" at all. So who would astrology apply to? One who has merged with the One need no science, as science is about definitions.

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Into greater darkness enter those who are solely attached to knowledge. Monday, June 28, mata amritanandamayi horoscope analysed. CHART 9. But its association with Rahu and Gulikan in 5 th house, gives occasional unmadam histrionic tendencies Knowledge: 2 nd lord, Kuja in 11 th , vargottama along with lagna lord Sukra over compensated for her lack of formal education.

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Karma: 10 th lord Chandra is in 8 th in Uccha, is good for spiritual pursuit. Bhagya: 9 th lord, Budha in uccha in 12 th is extremely good for a spiritual person. Summary: 3 grahas are in Uccha in this horoscope, namely, Sani, Chandra and Budha. Posted by www. Labels: astrology , guru , india , spirituality. Anonymous July 6, at PM. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Mata Amritanandamayi , 9. You are not the most open-minded person and can be very stubborn in your viewpoints, throwing them at others aggressively, often disregarding new concepts that others are trying to convey to you, and always insisting that your opinions are correct.

You remember every slight, perceived or otherwise, that someone has done towards you. Work on your perception and you might find that people are different than you originally thought. Your feelings are so overwhelming sometimes that you are unable to reign them in. Finances can be an obsession for you as you need to feel secure. The biggest lesson for you in this placement is to temper the emotional chaos within. You have a deeply rooted sense of rejection and feeling as though you are somehow unworthy, and this makes it hard for you to believe that the people you care for are to be trusted.

This aspect will test your romantic partnerships to help you grow as a person and show you how to truly have faith in the people you are bonded to. Precognitive visions are likely to show themselves in this placement and you will be prone to idealism. You may find it difficult to assert yourself and instead prefer to just go with the current rather than making your own waves. Artistic pursuits appeal to you since you are a natural artist, though there is particular interest in musical ventures or poetic writing, as you are gifted in these fields.

You are drawn to the sounds of the guitar, violin, bass, cello and anything else featuring strings. Due to your sensitive nature, you are sometimes taken down the wrong path purely by subconscious influence from the environment you are in or the people you surround yourself with. Your mind is often muddled and it might be a challenge for you to alter your inner self in a beneficial manner as you as lack the clarity needed to do so.

Escapism via substance abuse needs to be watched for and can ruin you if you are not careful; saying no can prove to be difficult for you in general. Stability does not come naturally. Do not dabble in unwholesome mystical practices such as the calling forth of spirits; you never know what trouble you may find yourself in spiritually for doing so.

Mentally, you follow an abstract way of reasoning rather than the step-by-step pattern that others are prone to, and therefore you may find it difficult to communicate your own thoughts out loud. It is probably easier for you to convey your feelings in artistic pursuits or through the written word instead. Traditional education is probably not the best way for you to learn and you would do well having a teacher that can instruct you by example instead.

You quickly pick up on hints and vibrations, although it can be tough for you to decipher what the actual meaning is behind them due to your inclination to let your imagination run away with you. There is likely to be trouble with focusing on daily life responsibilities or with figuring out the difference between fact and fantasy. You are prone to ponder the existence of other realms. Taking photographs may be an enjoyable hobby. Due to your high sensitivity, there is a nervousness and tension inside of you that make it necessary for you to retreat into seclusion for short periods on a daily basis to reset.

Many authors, artists, and performers share this placement.

Because you are sensitive to your environment, you will need to be mindful towards a tendency to be easily affected by what others say, think, or do. It is also possibly that you may be able to pull out ideas from thin air and find a way to better yourself through them, whether this be an improvement on your will-power, your mentality, or your emotional well-being. Sometimes you are so set on being unlike the rest that you forget what the real truth is, try to stay aware of the actual situation.

There is a tendency towards escaping through substance abuse, though this will not help you on your journey. Instead, you will discover who you are through aiding others. Use your intuition to guide you to where you are supposed to be. Creative endeavours will help you to unload any excess emotions.

Let your intuition guide you in assisting others. You are highly moral by nature and this draws people to you. Coordinating others comes easily to you as does strategy. It is likely that you will transform any group that you lead. Your past life bestowed you with acceptance towards others beliefs and values, you are humble in your approach.

Mata Amritanandamayi Horoscope

You quickly decipher what is morally correct and what is not, lending to an ability to thoroughly comprehend when a transformation is in order. Insightful and giving, you have a gift for seeing to the truth of the matter and read people and circumstances accurately and swiftly. You are also particularly empathetic towards others and the troubles they encounter.

Emotionally, you may express yourself by creating in some form, whether this be writing, dancing, art, or music. You are drawn to theoretical concepts and new age topics, as well as subjects having to do with the spiritual realm. Religious choirs tend to sooth you and inspire you and you try to help others to achieve the same experience. You possess a highly spiritual consciousness and should trust your gut instincts. People generally have faith in you to be a moral person and seek your counsel, as you are sympathetic and emotionally in tune.

You may have accurate premonitions or visions that aid you in realising your dreams.

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Look for the true meaning in all of your endeavours. Change is a large theme in your life and is there to help you develop and grow. You have excellent self-restraint and dedication during trying periods. Intuitively you are aware that these periods will not go on forever and that if you just allow things to flow where they may, in time the situation will improve naturally.

You may be involved with the public somehow as your drive seems to seek this situation out; you feel that somehow this is position is fated. Emotionally you are able to restrict your feelings as well as mentally guide your thinking so as to not become wrapped up in overly intense displays. Others look to you as a leader for you are controlled, disciplined, truthful, sensible, and dependable, with a good head on your shoulders. There is an innate understanding that you must work hard for the merits you attain and this allows you to display a good deal of patience when rising in achievement.

It may be important for you to take time for yourself to recover your energies, as you can sometimes feel communication with others is puzzling or frightening somehow. Traditional education methods may not suit you; you prefer to be able to absorb knowledge and wisdom through experience.

Extremely original with strong intuition, you have an inventive mind that is always concocting fresh methods. You are a progressive, alternative, non-conformist who insists on having the utmost independence to express yourself.