March 18 aquarius daily horoscope

Your focus shifts to home and family as the moon enters Virgo tonight. The moon is in Leo for most of the day, finding you reflecting on your needs and desires, Cancer. The moon is in your sign for most of today, inspiring you to express your emotions and have some fun.

The moon enters Virgo tonight, shifting your attention to money and issues concerning self-worth.

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Your imagination is especially active today, Virgo—put it to good use by channeling it into your art! Your intuition is especially active this evening—make time to journal and meditate.

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The moon enters Virgo and illuminates the friendship sector of your chart, Scorpio. This is an exciting time to network—the moon connects with electric Uranus, bringing eccentric people your way. The moon enters Virgo and illuminates the career and reputation sector of your chart today, Sagittarius—what do you want to do with your life, and how do you want to be seen?

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Exciting changes are in the air. The moon enters fellow earth sign Virgo, asking you to get real and think about the future. Exciting, big plans and even unexpected celebrations arrive as the moon connects with electric Uranus. The moon enters earth sign Virgo and finds you in a sensitive mood, but it also connects with your ruling planet Uranus, finding you opening up to some interesting transformations.

Aquarius: Your daily horoscope - December 03

What's in the stars for you in March? Read your monthly horoscope here. Want these horoscopes sent straight to your inbox? November You feel the power of Pluto encouraging you to make daring choices.

FIND out your horoscopes for Tuesday December 3 from Mystic Meg.

November Your passion profile has Mars heat and is full of positive energy. November Just as you fall in love with someone new, an ex wants to try again.

What does the Sagittarius star sign mean and who are they compatible with? November It is suddenly much easier to put your deepest feelings into words.


November An adventure moon pushes travel or study plans to the next stage. November 9: Mars and Venus focus on different aspects of love and line up choice. November 8: When you meet a Scorpio, you could have found that someone special. Follow The Sun.

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