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Daily Astrology Zone Online. Scorpio makes up for this. You might say this is a good thing, and, indeed, it might be.

I am Libra, My Lover is Gemini

However, you might find your lover longs for you to reach his or her emotional intensity, which could be hard. Few signs can match the emotional spectrum of a Scorpio!

Susan MIller

Libras are talkers, but Scorpios are more taciturn. When Scorpios fall into moods, they sometimes brood. Be careful, however. Not having your lover around to talk to could kill the relationship for you all by itself.

I am Libra, My Lover is Sagittarius - Susan Miller Astrology Zone

You need to be popular and have lots of friends, but Scorpio could care less. You love to go out, but Scorpio wants to lock the door and pull down the blinds.

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Troubles, troubles. Sex is extremely important to your lover. Scorpios cannot imagine a long-term relationship without lots of it, and lucky you they have the bedroom skills to make lovemaking a memorable, lusty, sensual experience.

Your lover wants sex to be near karmic in emotional intensity, although as a rational air sign , you may find yourself scrambling to keep up. You have different views, but have the same goal. Give this relationship a chance. This could be your dream lover and best friend, or the relationship may fizzle because it had great chemistry but no rapport. There will be no in-between, and you will know soon.

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