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If not, will they help you build a network that can one day be leveraged for your career?

But everyone needs you, Cancer. The summer solstice always marks day one of Cancer season—a month-long cycle that snaps you out of the role of the sacrificial martyr and puts your needs front and center. By the time the solar eclipse in Cancer rolls around with the July 2 new moon, you could already have some proficiency with this newfound skill.

Project mania alert! You want to do it all, be there for everyone, help as much as you can.

Summer Solstice 7 Astrological Traits to Know About Midsummer | The AstroTwins

But your big-hearted FOMO is going to send you straight into meltdown territory. Spending more time with your instafriends than real people?

WATCH OUT! Solstice begins with a rocky start – but it could bring you joy in the end....

But those virtual connections could start to get old by the solstice. You could find yourself craving a warm body in close proximity. Not just any old body, of course, because meaningful conversation is your favorite kind of foreplay. Still, Virgo, take that chatter offline and into real time. This goes for friends and romantic interests. Transition into analog dialogues and go have some playdates!


Note: these meetings can, and should, be held over poolside happy hour cocktails. You get super invested in all that you do, which is one of your winning qualities. But the intensity that you bring to these missions with can be extra-extra…for you and everyone in your radius. Your solstice transformation is a fun one: Bring some play into the equation! Could you turn those tasks into a game? Find some dark humor in the situation? Cutting a few negative people out of your life might be necessary to finding that nirvana. That compare-and-despair syndrome is real, Sagittarius, but it can take you down.

The solstice helps you pick a lane…your lane. Then, focus on bringing your authentic gifts to the foreground. During the celestial annual journey of the Earth round the Sun, that is the moment when the Sun is at its furthermost point north of the Equator.

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Solstice and equinox times are in GMT. The dates for equinoxes and solstices in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres are the same, but in opposite seasons. If you would like to know exactly when is Summer Solstice moment where you are, use the Time Zone Converter. Our Sun Time App shows the sun's seasonal position in the solar cycle right now. It is a digital yearly sundial.

Sun’s entry into zodiac signs, 12222

There are physical sundials as well, which could be called sunlight timepieces. Read more here. In the Northern Hemisphere the summer solstice, the longest day of the year, occurs around June 21st. The opposite day, the shortest of the year, is the Winter Solstice , which occurs around the 21st of December each year.

In tropical astrological terms, Winter Solstice is the start of Capricorn. There are also two days in the year when the day and night are of equal duration.

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These are known as the Equinox days. Pay attention to how you absorb influences from the world around you, and follow your stream of consciousness with intention. Neptune goes direct on November Charming Venus opposes lucky Jupiter on June 23, giving us a tendency to over-indulge. Be aware of your shopping habits before whipping out your cash.

The Summer Solstice Is Here: Prepare For A Massive Energy Shift On June 21st 12222

Communicative Mercury enters showy Leo on June 26, adding dramatic flair to our words, and a need to perform. Think of it as a milder subset of unrequited love.

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